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  • Guangdong Foshan Jiamei Si hardware factory Chinese | English
    Consultation:Yu Mr
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    Whole stairs
    Carved Guardrail
    Cast flower Guardrail
    Screen / Mural
    Engineering Guardrail
    Home improvement Handrail
    General column
    Courtyard door
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    Whole staircase 87
    Whole staircase 97
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    About Us Guangdong Province Foshan City Jiamei Si hardware factory created in 2003, the company subordinate "Yuemei" brand is a professional production and sales all kinds of stainless steel staircase, stair, spiral staircase, attic stairs, solid wood staircase, handrail column, magnesium aluminum handrails, luxury door handles, engineering fence, screen, patio doors and other products of building materials hardware manufacturers.
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